Tools für Integration und Test von Online-Hilfen

Marktüberblick über empfehlenswerte Tools im Zusammenhang mit der Integration, dem kontextsensitiven Aufruf sowie Test und Qualitätssicherung von Online-Hilfen

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Help+Manual 2 Go

Mini web server that doesn’t need installation and can be used for testing and running browser-based help locally. Can be used to avoid the problem that browsers are increasingly implementing security features that prevent browser-based online help from running properly when opened from local drives or optical media.

Price: free (freeware); may even be distributed with your own products


Free ActiveX control that enhances the capabilities of compiled Microsoft HTML Help systems. In particular, it enables you to use popups, embedded windows, auto-sizing windows, and information types.

Price: free (freeware)


Runs in the background, tracking a user’s place in the application. When the user requests help, the program delivers the most relevant supporting content. Users can also mark their favorite training and help content so that they can quickly access the help topics that are most relevant to them.

Price: not published

CHM Editor

WYSIWYG editor to edit existing CHM files. Also supports machine translation of existing CHM files via internet machine translation services.

Price: approx. $149

Zoom Search Engine

Can be used to add full text search to browser-based online help files and web sites.

Price: approx. $99 (“Professional”); there’s also a free version for up to 50 indexed topics available


Search engine software.

Price: free (open source)

Vantage Linguistics

Provide several linguistic search and checking products such as the AnswerWorks SDK.

Prices: not published


Machine learning server to create predictive features, such as personalization, recommendation and content discovery.

Price: free (open source)


Small utility to register MS Help 2.x Collections (namespaces, titles, plug-ins, filters) without using Microsoft Installer.

Price: approx. $100


Cross-platform GUI front-end to CHM lib ( Can be used to display CHM files on Unix systems (including content tree, index, full text search, and bookmarks).

Price: free (open source)


CHM viewer for Unix, Mac, and Windows.

Price: free (open source)


CHM viewer for Windows. Also includes a CHM decompiler.

Price: free (freeware)


Displays CHM documents on the Mac.

Price: free (open source)


Universal document viewer (including CHM and PDF) for KDE.

Price: free (open source)


Takes screen captures of a web page in various browsers and on various platforms so that you can verify the rendering.

Price: free (web application)

IE NetRenderer

Takes screen captures of a web page in various versions of Internet Explorer.

Price: free (web application)


Gives you instant access to various browsers in a virtual machine, or creates screen captures of a web page rendered in various browsers.

Price: starting at approx. $39 per month

Most important web browsers


Lets you set up a specific screen size, and then shows how a web page looks on devices of this size.

Price: free (web application)


Shows how a web page looks on various standard screen sizes

Price: free (web application)


Price: free (open source)


Price: free (open source)


Especially for Mac OS.

Price: free (open source)

The W3C Markup Validator

Checks the markup of web documents.

Price: free (web application)


Validation service for HTML, XHTML, WML, and XML.

Price: free (web application)

The W3C CSS Validation Service

Free service that checks Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) for conformance to W3C recommendations.

Price: free (web application)


Checks internal and external links, style sheets, images, and other files of a web site or browser-based help system.

Price: free (open source)

Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Checks web sites for broken hyperlinks. Link verification is performed on links that appear in <a> tags, as well as images, frames, plug-ins, backgrounds, local image maps, style sheets, scripts, and Java applets.

Price: free (freeware)

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