Choosing a Screencasting Tool

Checklist of key criteria for selecting a tool to create screencasts (software videos, screen videos)

A screencasting tool (screen recorder) enables you to record your actions directly while you perform them within the demonstrated application. After the recording, you can add captions, interactive elements, and optional audio with a click of a few buttons. You don’t need to be an expert in video editing.

To create a small screencast, even most low-cost screen recorders are adequate. However, when it comes to more professional and strategic requirements, there are big differences. For example, not all tools let you translate a screencast into foreign languages, and not all tools let you easily update an existing screen video when there has been a new release of the demonstrated software. The following checklist can help you not to miss an important requirement when choosing a screencasting application.

Note: You can find a list of tools under Screencasting Tools for Technical Documentation.