Help Authoring Tools

Market overview of recommendable tools for creating software documentation, especially for the creation of user manuals and online help files. Many of these help authoring tools, online documentation trools, and other user assistance development tools can generate printable user manuals (PDF) and online help files from the same text base (single source publishing).

Tip: Also see the checklist in Choosing a Help Authoring Tool.


show/hide sectionThe market leaders
show/hide sectionOther general help authoring tools
show/hide sectionRapid help development tools
show/hide sectionConverters for Microsoft Word and FrameMaker documents
show/hide sectionTools with a focus on code and API documentation
show/hide sectionWeb-based help authoring tools and online documentation tools
show/hide sectionTools with a special focus on building knowledge bases for customer self-service and and FAQ
show/hide sectionWikis and similar systems
show/hide sectionStatic Site Generators
show/hide sectionGeneral purpose HTML and CSS editors
show/hide sectionHTML and CHM compilers and converters
show/hide sectionTools and scripts for embedding information into (web) applications (onboarding; walkthroughs; contextual help)

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