In-house training and consulting on Help+Manual

Help+Manual is one of the most efficient authoring tools for creating online help systems and printed user manuals from a single source. Compared to other help authoring tools, the basic use of Help+Manual is not extremely difficult. The true potential, however, is hidden under the hood.

Most of all, Help+Manual is incredibly flexible. For example, would you have noticed that this website was also created with Help+Manual? As you can see, I absolutely love this program! And at this point, I dare to make the bold assertion that, apart from the manufacturer, probably not many people on this planet are more familiar with it.

Your needs

Do you and your team want to be able to use Help+Manual quickly without wasting time on the learning curve? Would you like to set up your projects correctly from the outset without having to start all over again after a while?

Or do you already work with Help+Manual, but would like to use its potential in the future even better? Have you perhaps already come across functions that could make your life much easier on the job? Have you always lacked the time and opportunity to take a closer look at these functions and experiment with them?

Are your documents created with Help+Manual “all right”, but they lack that certain extra something and the “wow!”? Would you like to take your documentation to a whole new technical level?

Training and consulting that I can provide

The in-house Help+Manual training aims to save you as much time as possible when using the system and to show you functions and options that you may not have been aware of before.

You will learn how to use Help+Manual in such a way that you get the maximum benefit from it: both in terms of the quality of the results and in terms of your own efficiency in your daily work.

The fact that the training is an in-house Help+Manual training course not only has the advantage that we can build directly on your individual level of knowledge without either boring or overwhelming you. Even more important is the advantage that we can work directly with your own data and on your own projects:

  • We can take special care of the spots where you’ve run into trouble.
  • If you do not yet have a project, we can create your first project together.
  • If you have taken over an existing project from someone else, I can help you to understand the structure and special features of this particular project.
  • If you like to add new functions to a project, we can add them together on your specific project.

By the way: In case you do not yet have much experience in writing software documentation, we can complement the training with the basics of technical documentation and software documentation.

Duration: 1 or 2 days