Writing user interface texts – UX writing and microcopy

The best form of user support is the one that users don't even perceive as such. This makes the product “intuitive” to use. Manuals and online help, i.e. classic technical documentation, can then be much leaner. This is a win-win situation:

  • Users have to read less and save time.
  • Manufacturers save costs in 3 areas: for the creation, maintenance, and translation of technical documentation.

As a specialist in technical communication and explaining technical products to specific audiences, I can provide you with both from a single source:

  • clear texts for the user interfaces of your products
  • clear instructions in the form of a user manual or online help for things and contexts for which isolated information is not enough

Your needs

Would you like to make your products as self-explanatory as possible? Do you want to use clear and unambiguous text in the user interface so that users don’t have any questions left when using your product?

Would you like the user interface to convey a positive, motivating mood and create trust instead of raising doubts?

Do you want the same things to be consistently called the same thing instead of one thing one way and then another?

Are your developers excellent engineers and programmers, but not necessarily natural-born copywriters?

My services in the field of UX writing and microcopy

As an expert in software user assistance, I create clear and consistent texts for the user interface (UI) of your product.

I can develop an integrated performance support and information solution that goes well beyond standard technical documentation and basic online help. This solution includes:

  • identification of the information that can be directly embedded into the user interface (UI) of your product rather than into separate technical documentation (user manuals, online help)
  • concept of how and where this information is displayed
  • style guide for all texts
  • standardization and coordination of terminology among the user interface, user manuals, online help, and other materials
  • writing of the texts

In cases where users require more detailed information than the user interface can provide directly, I can also create the necessary technical documentation for you in the form of a user manual and/or online documentation (online help) from a single source. See also Creation of technical documentation, software documentation, and online documentation.

Additional information on “embedded help”

We shouldn't fool ourselves: Users are not particularly keen on reading long manuals. Most users only read documentation as a last resort and don't even want to admit that they need help. Users want one thing above all: fast results!

Thus, the best form of assistance is one users do not even perceive as help. Ideally, help is just around “incidentally” when needed (embedded help).

For more information on performance support embedded into the user interface, also see Software User Assistance.