What I can help you with

As a documentation service provider and contractor, I create clear, user-friendly user manuals, online help (help sites), and screencasts for the products developed by my clients. I specialize in the creation of user documentation for software and software-driven products (software documentation and software user assistance).

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My services

If you need a manual, online help (help site), screencast or any other text relating to a new product, I can create it for you:

Creation of technical documentation, software documentation, online documentation

Authoring tool setup and creation of templates for technical documentation

If you already have some technical documentation for your product and would like to improve it, I can advise and support you:

Consulting on technical documentation, software documentation, online documentation

If you want to write some technical documentation yourself, I can train you:

Training and workshops on technical documentation, software documentation, online documentation

In-house training and consulting on MadCap Flare

In-house training and consulting on Help+Manual

Complicated things made simple.

Outsourcing technical writing—does it work?

Creating technical documentation and software user assistance has been my daily business for more than 25 years. This is one of the reasons why I dare to claim that my manuals and help files are more user-friendly and easier to understand than documentation written by developers or product managers, for example (who both have other skills that I don’t have).

Can I prove this? Can you really outsource the creation of documentation? Doesn’t an external technical writer lack the required knowledge about your product? After all, nobody knows your product as well as you do.

You’re right: At the beginning, I know just as little about your product as your clients do. But in fact that’s actually a major advantage. Experienced technical writers should slip into the role of the user as best as possible. So they understand what kind of information users really need and thus can describe also things that look obvious to a person who has been involved in the development of the product.

Also, a professional technical writer is trained to explain even highly complex topics in a clear and simple way. After all, your clients want help that helps, not help that “nobody understands.”

Decision aids

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