Technical documentation work aids

If you want to create technical documentation yourself, my books, work aids, and templates can support you.

Outstanding technical documentation gives you that crucial competitive edge and puts your competitors in the shade.

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If you haven't had much experience with creating technical documentation up to now, you will find a quick introduction in my book „Technical Documentation Short and Sweet – The Best Best Practices for Creating Clear and Useful Manuals, Help Systems, and Other Forms of User Assistance“. Within a reasonable amount of time, you will learn what is essential for creating a clear, user-friendly manual or quality online help system.

If you would like to delve deeper, or if you are a technical writer yourself, my books of the Technical Documentation Best Practices Series offer you a wealth of guidance and numerous practical suggestions on the topics:




illustrating and animating

The Rich Documentation Design Concept®, which I also published as a book, is equally aimed at those who already have some experience in creating technical documentation. It provides you with a methodology for creating documents that provide maximum value while requiring minimum effort for creation, maintenance, and translation.

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Knowledge base

The Technical Documentation Knowledge Base is an online version of the contents of all of my books.

always up to date

available anywhere at the click of a mouse

including a global index and search function

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If you create technical documentation using Microsoft Word, OpenOffice/LibreOffice, or any compatible application, my ready-made Technical Documentation Starter Template can save you a lot of time.

Instead of spending hours creating your own design and format catalog from scratch, start based on a ready-made template. This not only offers your readers the greatest possible convenience but also you as an author when writing. Time-tested for many years and in countless projects.

When needed, you can freely adapt the appearance to your individual design and, if needed, also add your own formats for special purposes.

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For your inspiration, there are also some free things:

AutoHotkey scripts for writing technical documentation

CSS+JS Code snippets for enhancing online documentation