About Me

I create user manuals, online help systems, and screencasts (software videos) for my clients, and I advise my clients on all aspects of user assistance and technical documentation.

I am based in Germany and write in both English and German (German native speaker).


I have degrees in process engineering and in industrial engineering. However, already during my time at university I worked as a programmer and information developer for a publishing house. Since my graduation in 1995, I’ve been working completely as a technical writer with a focus on software user assistance. In 2004, I became self-employed.

I frequently share my expertise with colleagues via my books, articles and conference presentations (see Publications and Presentations).

What does “indoition” mean?

The name “indoition” of my consultancy reflects my ambition to make the use of my clients’ products as simple and intuitive as possible: “to do” + “intuition” = “indoition.”

I endeavor to keep the user manuals, help pages, and other materials that I create as concise as possible. But what’s even better than good documentation is a product that doesn’t need much documentation at all. When working with my clients’ products, I temporarily take the role of the user. This often helps me to come up with new ideas on how to improve usability.

Too small?

Do you doubt that a single person can handle your project? When working on extensive projects or on projects that require some very special expertise, I can team up with external partners. If your project doesn’t match my qualifications, I won’t hesitate in telling you so. I’ve been in the technical communication and documentation business for many years and will be happy to recommend competent specialists when necessary.

By the way: Even when you work with one of the “big” documentation service providers or temporary employment agencies, you’ll usually have only one or two specialists actually working on your project.


I endeavor to find the solutions that are the best solutions for my clients, not the solutions that maximize my own profit.

I don’t make unrealistic promises to be more attractive than my competitors. I won’t confuse “advice” with “sales.”