Language and Terminology Tools

Market overview of recommendable language checkers (spelling, grammar, style, terminology) and terminology databases, especially in connection with the creation of technical documentation and user assistance

Microsoft Word

Better than some standalone spelling and grammar checkers, particularly for the English language.

Price: starting at approx. €130


Also comes with a fairly good syntax checker.

Price: starting at approx. €310


Needs an internet connection to work. May therefore be inappropriate to process confidential information.

Price: approx. $120 per year


Especially aims to improve the clarity of your texts.

Price: approx. $150 (“Standard”) and $190 (“Professional”)


Looks for more than 50 types of writing mistakes and identifies weak style such as unnecessary words that you can omit.

Price: approx. $55 (Standard Version) and $75 (Editor for Word)


Needs an internet connection to work. May therefore be inappropriate to process confidential texts. Only processes a few pages of text at a time. Some reviews of this software report rather aggressive marketing such as windows popping up repeatedly when you don’t upgrade the software, even after you’ve purchased the full license.

Price: approx. €115


Searches for grammar errors and weak writing style.

Price: approx. $30

Writer’s Workbench

Provides a vast scope of different analyses. Only works when you’ve installed English versions of Microsoft Word and Windows.

Price: approx. $100


Performs some basic checks such as sentence length, repeated words, and wordiness.

Price: approx. $80

After the Deadline

English grammar, style, and contextual spelling checker. Available for a variety of platforms such as WordPress, Confluence, Firefox, Chrome, and OpenOffice.

Price. free (open source)


For writers and editors. Runs its checks according to different rule sets, depending of the type of text. Available in English, German, and French.

Price: starting at approx. €5 per month


Web-based proofreader that corrects contextual spelling mistakes, checks for grammar errors, and enhances vocabulary usage.

Price: starting at approx. $12 per month


Ensures consistency with house styles and between multiple authors. Requires Microsoft Word.

Price: approx. $90


Checks for simplified English that can be easily understood by a worldwide audience.

Price: approx. $295; XML plug-in approx. $145; FrameMaker plug-in approx. $495


Authoring assistance tool that helps to create rule-compliant and style-compliant text. Available for Microsoft Word and other editors.

Price: approx. €167 (“Personal”); prices of other editions not published

Term checker for Simplified Technical English (ASD-STE100)

Helps to make sure that text conforms to ASD Simplified Technical English (ASD-STE100). Uses LanguageTool.

Price: checker for ASD Simplified Technical English (ASD-STE100) issue 3: free, checkers for later issues: not published


Integrable terminology tool.

Price: not published


Simple terminology management system. Can import existing glossaries.

Price: approx. €38

SDL Author Assistant for Adobe FrameMaker

Checks text for writing style and terminology issues.

Price: free (freeware)


Utility for creating terminology lists.

Price: approx. €80


Web-based terminology management system.

Price: approx. €360 per year

SDM MultiTerm Extract

Extracts terms from documents to help crating terminology databases and glossaries.

Price: approx. €380

Acronyms Master

Builds tables of all acronyms that are used within a Microsoft Word document.

Price: approx. $49 (“Lite”) and $85 (“Pro”)


Collaborative terminology platform.

Price: approx. $10 per user per month

TermStar, WebTerm

Price: not published


Guides writers to create content that’s accurate, consistent, search-ready, and translation-friendly.

Price: not published


Software solutions for the creation, management, and dissemination of corporate languages.

Price: not published


Basic terminology checker, integrated into Microsoft Word.

Price: not published

MAXit Checker

Monitors technical texts for compliance with Controlled English or ASD-STE100 Simplified Technical English. There are versions available for FrameMaker, Microsoft Word, Arbortext, XMetal, and UltraXML.

Price: not published

Finalyser TERM CHECK

Checks the consistent use of terminology in Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe InDesign, and Microsoft Word. In other editors you can check terms via the included Finalyser Clipboard Listener. For the creation and maintenance of the connected database, you can choose between an XML database and a UniTerm database. Also allows the inclusion of foreign languages.

Price: starting at approx. €1000


Web-based terminology management system.

Price: not published


Quality assurance software for standardized documentation. Ensures compliance with corporate terminology and style guide rules.

Price: not published


Terminology web platform.

Price: not published


Online database that helps you to collect, develop, and apply your organization's terminology.

Price: not published

CLAT Tools

Controlled language authoring utilities.

Price: not published

Technical Documentation Copy & Paste Kit

Companion and style guide through all stages of a user assistance project, from the analysis of requirements through structuring the content and designing templates, writing, illustrating, proofreading, and translating.

Price: approx. €199


Customizable proofreading software that finds errors by looking for text patterns defined in an XML file. Alternatively, error detection rules can be written in Java.

Price: free (open source)


Reads text files, Microsoft Word files, OpenOffice files, and HTML files, and then generates word frequency lists and concordances from these files. Can spider a whole web site or browser-based help system.

Price: free (open source)


Tool to track down changes to documents in plain text files. Small groups of distinctive characters allow you to highlight insertions, deletions, substitutions, and comments.

Price: free (open source)

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