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A picture can say more than a thousand words, and a video can say even more than a thousand pictures. Well, really?

It depends ….

To do an effective job, images and videos need to be used where they really make sense, and they each need to be designed in a way that communicates their particular message clearly.

This section teaches you the principles of effective visualization:

Which medium to use?
Helps you decide whether to use text, an image, a video, or interactive content to communicate some particular information.

Common basics of visualization
Summarizes the basic things that you need to keep in mind for creating both images and videos.

Images in general
Provides tips for creating effective images in general.

Images of hardware
Provides tips for creating images that show physical devices. These images can be both drawings and photos.

Images of software
Provides tips for creating images that show software (screenshots).

Video design
Provides tips for designing effective instructional videos and on how to best embed these videos into technical documentation.

Video production
Focuses on the technical and organizational aspects of producing instructional videos.

Interactive content
Gives you ideas on implementing interactive components, such as interactive 2D and 3D images, hypervideo, and augmented reality applications and more.

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