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Rethink you idea of “good”

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A video that looks highly professional and stylish is not necessarily a good video. Just look at the success of some “amateur” tutorials on popular video platforms and compare these videos’ number of views and ratings to those of expensive videos made by the manufacturers of the corresponding products.

What makes these “amateur” videos successful is not the budget spent on producing the videos but:

the fact that the videos clearly answer the users’ questions without wasting their time on things that a company may want to say but actually nobody wants to hear

a high degree of authenticity and thus trustworthiness

A “good” instructional video is not necessarily a beautiful video but a video that:

is actually being viewed

answers the users’ real questions

makes users more productive (even beyond answering their explicit questions)

The quality of an instructional video is determined by:

psychological factors, especially source credibility, which is often much underestimated

expertise on the subject


Technical perfection and beauty are secondary.

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