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Put the main thing into the main clause

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Many writers alternate simple sentences with more complicated sentences that consist of a main clause plus one or more subordinate clauses. The advantage of this style is that then the text doesn’t sound monotonous and boring. The disadvantage, however, is that you trade in variety for clarity.

Using sentences with subordinate clauses only makes sense in longer texts.

Don’t use sentences with subordinate clauses at all:

for the key information

for things that are particularly difficult to understand

Use subordinate clauses only for those facts that are easy to understand and of minor importance.

Put the main fact into the main clause, not into a subordinate clause.

Position the key information at the beginning of the sentence.


The PIN, which must not be noted on the credit card, consists of 4 digits.


The PIN consists of 4 digits. Don’t note the PIN on the credit card.


Finally, you need to press the red button, which triggers the explosion.


To trigger the explosion, press the red button.


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