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Technical Writers’ Companion

 1  Use apostrophes to form the possessive case of nouns.

It’s OK to form possessives from acronyms.

Avoid the possessive forms of company names, product names, and feature names.

If a singular noun ends with an s, x, or z, add an apostrophe and an s as with any other noun.

With plural nouns that end with an s, put the apostrophe after the s.

With plural nouns that don’t end with an s, add an apostrophe and an s as with singular nouns.

 2  Use apostrophes to indicate missing letters or missing numerals in a contraction.

Differentiate between the contraction it’s (it is) and the possessive pronoun its.

 3  Don’t use an apostrophe to indicate the plural of a singular noun, the plural of an acronym, or the plural of a numeral.

Only use apostrophes to form the plural of single letters, symbols, and mathematical signs.

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