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Standard sections in hardware user assistance

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For hardware user assistance, use the following catalog of standard sections as a checklist.

Depending on your particular product, some sections may not be necessary, and you may be able to omit them.

Typically, the sections roughly appear in the order given below. However, if you have a good reason to change the order, feel free to do so.

If you provide more than one document, the sections can go into different documents.

Unless particular standards require you to use the formal titles given in the catalog, when possible use less formal, more task-oriented or goal-oriented headings. For example, instead of “Device description” a more attention-grabbing and motivating title could be “Components and controls that you need to know.”

Typically, each new section starts on a new page, but sometimes it also makes sense to combine two or more sections, or to have several sections included on the same page.

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