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Add labels (subheadings)

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Start each new section with a label that clearly communicates what the section is about.

In a printed document, labels often appear as subheadings or as subtitles in a margin column. In online help, labels often appear as subtitles as well, or they are clickable headings of expandable sections (toggles).

Readers benefit from the labels because the labels work as landmarks that enable them to skim a text for specific information and to decide beforehand whether to invest the time in reading a particular section.

As the author, you also benefit from the labels:

Labels give you a constant overview of the structure of your document. You can quickly see where the best place is to add new information.

Labels minimize the risk of mixing subjects (siehe Don’t mix subjects). When writing, you can constantly check your text against the label. If the text doesn’t fit under the label, this indicates that you should put the information somewhere else.

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