Article published: “Help with additional functions”

The magazine for international information management “tcworld” has translated my latest tekom article “Help with additional functions” into English. The article shows how you can integrate some ready-to-use Open-Source-JavaScript-libraries and jQuery-Plug-ins into a help system to enhance its functions. This does not even require in-depth programming knowledge.

You can read the article here at no charge:

Demo of some enhancements to WebHelp created with Flare

For my latest article in the German tekom magazine “technische kommunikation” I have created a little demo that illustrates some nice features that you can add to web help produces with MadCap Flare: responsive tabs, scroll back to top button, sticky items, zommable images, and sortable tables.

It’s all been done with the help of some free, open source JavaScript libraries. You can find the demo here:

“Technical Writers’ Companion” released

Today is the birthday of the new “Technical Writers’ Companion”.  As an electronic guide, knowledge base and reference, the Companion provides authors of technical documentation with the expertise needed to create high-quality user manuals and online help systems. You can even add your own notes and specifications and thus transform the Companion into your own, company-specific style guide.

The Companion is in HTML format and can be installed locally on your file system or on a server within your intranet.

To find out more, visit the product details page.

There’s also a preview available, which shows almost half of the Companion’s contents for free.

Screensaver “Writing Plain English”

Want to improve your writing skills without investing ANY extra time? So you should check out the brand new screensaver “Writing Plain English”. When you have installed this screensaver, each time you return to your desk after a break, you will find a new tip on screen, showing you how you can replace a complex phrase with a simple one.

Those who write in German might also be interested in the German version of this screensaver, the Bildschirmschoner “Verständlich schreiben”.