Monthly Archives: April 2016

New version of the Technical Writers’ Companion available

For almost four years, the Technical Writers’ Companion has been providing authors of technical documentation with the expertise needed to create high-quality user assistance. Now the Companion has become even better:

  • Improved search makes finding particular content easier.
  • An advanced printing function makes it possible to print selected topics also on paper.
  • You can now adapt the font size of all texts according to your individual preferences.

In addition, the latest Version is fully responsive, which means that you can use it also on tablets and other mobile devices.

You can browse a free preview version of the Technical Writers’ Companion at

Web site modernized

The indoition web site has been a well-known resource for technical communicators for many years. While I have constantly updated the content, the web site design and the technology behind the site had become a bit outdated in recent times. Finally, this is over! Now you can enjoy responsive design, mobile-friendly navigation, HTML5, CSS3, the absence of Flash, improved search, better readability, and more.
By the way: The site was built with the help of a help authoring tool plus some extra JavaScript, CSS, and PHP. What other set of tools would you expect a technical communication professional to use? Using a help authoring tool not only helped me to further deepen my expertise on how to max out these tools. Using a help authoring tool also makes it possible to maintain this bilingual site very efficiently, and it makes it a breeze to publish parts of the content as PDF files as well.
Just take a look yourself: