Technical communication on a budget

A recent business trip to an undisclosed place once again demonstrated how carefully I spend my clients’ budgets. It just seemed unreasonable to me to waste lots of money for a tiny hotel room that I would only see at night. So I chose a budget hotel—and I got exactly what I was willing to pay for …

* A wall socket that delivered fresh power for my computer. It may look a bit untrustworthy but appearances can be deceiving. It worked perfectly.

* Charming little roommates from the microcosm gave me the good feeling that I was not alone. (Note the tiny white spots on the carpet.)


* In the morning, a breathtaking view over the vibrating city welcomed me.


Bending out of the window, I could even see the sky, which made choosing the right clothes a breeze.


* During the day, the attentive room service was kind enough to leave my self-made smell stoppers in place so that I could breathe at night even after opening the bathroom door.





* In the evenings, I could relax on a lovely armchair.


What else do you need?

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